Your Home + Remodeling Show Checklist

Nov 2, 2019, 14:54 PM

The Johnson County Home + Remodeling Show is the perfect place to meet industry experts, get design inspiration and price out your home projects. However, with hundreds of vendors, the show can be overwhelming. It’s easy to forget why you’re there or what you need if you don’t have a show checklist!

First, write down a list of the industries you’re interested in learning more about. These could include the following: home renovation, solar power, foundation repairs, tree trimming and landscaping. Then make note of specific projects you want to pursue in those categories. This will give you a great starting place for doing research on the show exhibitors.


Visit our website where you can see a comprehensive list of the companies attending. Make note of the booth numbers and business names of the relevant exhibitors. You can also view the floor plan on the website and mark where you want to go.

Finally, do some brief research about the various industries. What questions do you really want to ask? By having a set list of queries, you can stay focused and not get distracted by other avenues of conversation.

There’s a wealth of information and opportunity at the home show. All you need to do is be organized, purposeful and excited to learn about how you can make your home better than ever!