Organizational Goals to Accomplish Before Your 2020 Resolutions

Nov 2, 2019, 15:01 PM
It’s that time of year! As the seasons change and a new year is on the horizon, we all have a list of goals and resolutions, but there is some organizing you should probably do first. Whether your dream is to lose weight, redo your master bathroom or create a beautiful garden, here are some ways to optimize your chances of success:

For healthier eating, reorganize your kitchen
Many people swear off junk food, alcohol and sugary treats in January, but your kitchen might be making it more difficult. If you routinely have unhealthy foods in plain sight, you’re more likely to eat them. By rearranging your kitchen to showcase healthy options, you’ll be making it a little easier to choose carrots and hummus over potato chips.


Have a designated (and clean) “catch all” room to put stuff
The holidays result in a lot of new items for many people and that can mean stuff accumulating and ultimately leading to messy, crowded living areas. Choose a place in your home, whether it’s the basement or an unused bedroom, and place items you don’t utilize in there.

Tidy garages and sheds lead to beautiful yards
You’ve been dreaming about a beautiful rose garden and immaculate green lawn for months. But before that can become a reality, make sure your gardening and landscaping tools are clean, easy to find and ideally located for frequent use.